I miss a lot of things
  1. Waitrose
    I visited waitrose everyday. I ain't even embarrassed about that.
  2. Chockywockydoodah
    Aka the place to go for hot chocolate and giant cakes in the shape of dinosaurs
  3. Gray's Inn Cafe
    Home to the best chicken club sandwich
  4. The Brownie Box
    Shout out to the guy who served me brownies who looked just like Rob Stark.
  5. Borough Market
    If I could marry a physical location, this would be it.
  6. Monmouth Coffee
    They introduced me to flat whites. They ruined Starbucks for me.
  7. My UCL flat
    I miss my flat mates. I don't miss the kitchen. Mostly because of Ed. And his moldy plates.
  8. All the museums
    All of them were free. All of them were amazing.
  9. Kensington Creperie
    Near the natural history museum. Very inventive crepes.
  10. The tube
    The T in Boston is pretty shit in comparison.
  11. Black cabs
  12. Yumchaa
    I'm working on importing some yumchaa tea. If you want in on this operation, let me know.
  13. High Tea
    Mostly the cakes and scones
  14. Clotted Cream
    I haven't been able to find anything comparable in the US. Mascarpone comes close...
  15. Cakes
    At every cafe, there were always several dessert options. The British know how to take dessert seriously. Which is the only way dessert should be taken.
  16. My cell phone plan
    £15 per month for unlimited data