I think the title sums it up. I will continue to update as I explore more places. Feel free to comment, debate and recommend.
  1. Joe's Kansas City
    Best all around BBQ in the city. Great sauce. Every meal is delicious and you'll be glad you got it no matter what it is. Clean well kept restaurants with amazing staff. Most BBQ restaurants have sides that are crap. That is not the case here. Best fries in town. The ribs have been ranked best in the country and they are good. This is the place I take people visiting from out of town.
  2. Johnny's BBQ
    I don't usually grade a joint by the pulled pork but this place does an amazing job. They also have the BEST ribs in KC. I love the hot sauce and usually buy a bottle when I visit. Terrific potato salad. Off the menu their cheesy corn is amazing. Hard to tell from the street but a nice large dinning area. Off the wall order...the chili dog. It's good eats.
  3. Danny Edwards
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    Hidden little gem. The ribs here are equal if not better than any place in the city. The brisket was delicious, juicy, thick cut and tender. I loved the cheese corn bread pudding. I'm not sure I had a bad bite. Great place with limited open hours, check before leaving. Interesting sauce. It has all characteristics of a KC with a hint of what tastes like clove. I don't hate it and I found myself using more and more as I ate. Great place with not much fanfare. Try it.
  4. Gates
    I am not a fan of the sauce at all. However, tasty ribs and mile high stacked sandwiches help the experience. The signature well to every restaurant is a bonus. This place is a KC classic. If you brought anyone to this place from out of town they would tell you it was the best they've ever ate. Then you take them to the two above.
  5. Burnt Ends BBQ
    Newer place. Smokey good food. Great restaurant. Well priced. I loved the Texas toast rather than the place greasy soggy white bread on the plate. I need to visit this place some more but so far it a hit.
  6. Zarda
    Ribs are worth trying. I wasn't impressed with the sides or sandwiches. Sauce isn't much to write home about.
  7. Woodward
    Everything about this place says it should be amazing. It's a converted tiny house in a mixed zoned area of town (residential/commercial). They have actual hardwood for sale to put on your own smoker in the back. Most of the dinning is outside with a significant fly problem due to the out door eating and trash cans. As good as it all smell surprisingly low smoke flavor in the meat. Most cuts are pretty greasy. I recommend coming here just for the burnt ends chili which was an amazing idea.
  8. Author Bryant's
    I'll keep moving this down the list as I rank. Huge stacked sandwiches that have no flavor. I've had better pulled pork from a frozen tub. Brisket is dry and flavorless. Sauce is gross. They only thing this place has going is that it's been around forever and is a landmark. People that have never been to KC mention this place because they don't know any better.
  9. Rosedale's
    I have no idea how this place has been around for almost 80 years. Pre made sandwiches. The meat just tastes like deli meat that someone stuck on the grill. Sauce is forgettable. They do move the line quickly...thanks to those pre made sandwiches. Skip it.