I have another list about what is actually needed. This is the one I wish were true:
  1. No files or papers. I'm a minimalist with a photographic memory.
  2. Esoteric business and trade books. Not the normal ones - ones purchased from rare and used bookstores printed on high quality paper with an emphasis on design that convey my unique knowledge and expertise.
  3. Compact bag for the gym filled with self-cleaning clothes and a Hermione Granger time-turner so I can work out for an hour and a half at lunch every day but still put in an 80-hour work week.
  4. No personal hygiene products, meds, shoes, or additional clothing - I took care of that at home.
  5. Handcrafted furniture that I bought for this office.
  6. Original, conversation-inducing tasteful art.
  7. My health shakes. I only eat actual food (i.e. salads) at business dinners.
  8. An air of mystery and whiff of sexuality.
  9. Beautiful and rare orchids that I've kept alive for many years now.
  10. An open door and a welcoming smile.