The superlative hotel buffet experience: zen hedonism, jet lag palliative, antidote to existential angst. Let's curate a list of great hotel buffets. I'll start us off with five far-flung favorites.
  1. Four Seasons Punta Mita
    The Four Seasons Punta Mita serves as good a breakfast buffet as you will ever eat. An omelet station is pretty much table stakes for a great buffet. The Four Seasons has one, of course, but also a chilaquiles station. Boom - mic drop.
  2. The Westin Tokyo
    Another great breakfast buffet. If, like me, your idea of a good morning is reading the paper while eating an omelette, a couple of teeny-tiny pastries, some congee, a little bit of perfectly cooked fish, top shelf pickles, fresh tofu, grapefruit peeled by a graprefruit-peeling artisan of the highest calibre, and great coffee, then you'll be happy here. -
  3. Sheraton Bahrain Hotel
    This is a perfectly fine hotel with a buffet that is way, way, way, better than perfectly fine. And not just breakfast, either; the Sheraton Bahrain sticks the landing on the most difficult of all buffet skills, the dinner offering. Here you can mix and match well-prepared Lebanese, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, European, and Gulf dishes until you're too full to stumble out the door. -
  4. The Leela Mumbai
    Multiple restaurants, multiple buffets. As the website says, Indian, Chinese, continental, and brunch. -
  5. Marari Beach
    It's hard to think of a cuisine more perfectly suited to buffet luxury than the delicately spiced, coconut-infused, seafood-rich cooking of Kerala. Marari Beach is an eater's dream of an eco-resort in Mararikulam, Kerala. Many of the vegetables that are served are grown in organic gardens on the resort grounds. All the fish is caught nearby. The date pickles, by themselves, make a visit worthwhile.
  6. Westin in Pune, India
    On Sundays especially, when they really go all out. I don't know how to describe really...there's just anything you could possibly want, and everything you hadn't thought of.
    Suggested by @dev
  7. NH Vienna airport, Wien Austria
    A little pricey but very good if flying out the next day
    Suggested by @EricW
  8. Soho House NYC
    Suggested by @dev
  9. Norma's at Le Meridien, NYC
    Or The Parker in Palm Springs. It's the best brunch you'll ever have, but mainly because it's just dessert disguised as breakfast.
    Suggested by @Nicholas