This list will age me and make me feel nostalgic for the simpler times of channel surfing on a lazy afternoon. Nowadays we do not get to stumble across movies now that Netflix and Hulu have become part of our daily lives. Most of these are from years passed
  1. Fast and Furious series
    How can you pass up fast cars and Paul Walker (😢). The ultimate series of escapism where we root for the not so good guys.
  2. A Time to Kill
    Classic John Grisham. I love a good courtroom drama, especially with a young Matthew Mcconaughey. I feel like this was always on when I was younger.
  3. Home Alone
    Who can tear themselves away from this one? Who doesn't love a Christmas movie with the smartest 8 year old around. I think I watch this movie minimum once a year
  4. The Sound of Music
    This one is a real comfort film. I can never pass up a movie where I can show off my skills for knowing all the words of every song
  5. Gone in 60 seconds