1. Lists like these make me stress out wondering if I don't know myself well enough to put together a list of facts about myself.
  2. I'll still try though.
  3. I grew up being warned of terrible internet dangers and told to never put personal information on the Internet.
    Therefore I'm kinda scared to even put my age/gender/things I do on here.
  4. Screw it.
    20. Female. College student. Barista.
  5. I live in Indiana. After I graduated high school I joined the YWAM program and lived in California and Guatemala for a while.
    A girl I met in California told me she could tell I was from the country because of the types of jeans that I was wearing. So. I wear Midwest jeans?
  6. Here's a picture of me driving a forklift from the one time in my life that I drove a forklift.
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  7. When I was in kindergarten I was obsessed with keyboards and memorized where all the letters on a keyboard were. Now I can recite them all in under five seconds.
    I wrote them in order on a piece of paper and brought it for show and tell.
  8. I've never lost a game of Clue.
  9. I can't choose a favorite color. I love them all.
    I'm ashamed to admit that I also feel a little bit like if I choose a favorite the other colors will be sad. I am aware of how ridiculous this is.