A running list of thankfulness. A list that's mainly just for myself. A list to reread on nights that I feel alone. Kyla, you have these people and they're great and you are loved.
  1. Parents
    For constant support, praying for me, loving me, disciplining me. For car rides everywhere, for laughs, for always meeting my basic needs.
  2. Kami
    For being a built-in-best-friend, for growing up with me, for Sunday night sleepovers all during high school. For giving me a niece.
  3. Clayton
    For being silly with me, for wanting to spend time with me, for keeping me humble in Mario Kart. For reminding me that he loves me every time I leave.
  4. Yolo
    For being the best freaking dog in the whole world, for getting excited every time she sees me, for following me all around the house.
  5. Alex
    For being my "frousin", for protecting me, for causing me to grow as a person. For the times of jam sessions, vent sessions, bonfire nights, and lake days.
  6. Lashae
    For saving me that summer, for mission trip memories, for surprising me in Guatemala that Christmas. For teaching me about long distance best friendship and always offering a listening ear.
  7. Katlyn
    For weekly lunch dates, for allowing me to tell her every detail, for modeling a true friendship of honesty. For sharing guacamole at Chipotle and giving me the opportunity to speak into her life.
  8. Josh
    For laughs and laughs and laughs. For being vulnerable, for letting me babysit him when he got his wisdom teeth out, for always trying to set me up with his friends.
  9. Raina
    For making kindergarten through our senior year bearable. For understanding parts of me that no one else does, for reminding me of who I was while always celebrating who I am, for inside jokes and a soul connection.
  10. Lindsay
    For having a side of the room that matches the messiness of mine. For praying for me, checking up on me, doing life with me. For saving me a seat, being my partner in Breaking Free class, for being annoyed by all the same things as me.
  11. Kelly
    For loud jokes, crazy accents, for getting my sense of humor. For livening up our apartment, for medical advice, for rubbing my back until I fall asleep when I've had the worst day.
  12. Troy
    For being another "frousin", for always being willing to help me with technology, for being a huge inspiration. For bear hugs, for childhood memories, for silly songs.
  13. Haley
    For asking me everyday how my day is going, for being so sweet, for sharing her food. For lazy days, Chinese take out, and exclamation points in all of her texts.
  14. Cassy
    For keeping me on my toes, for loving all the same shows I do, for relating to me. For giving great gifts, for lending me clothes, for giving advice.
  15. Kyle, Nate, Brett
    For growing up with me and still allowing us all to go to the same college. For being there when I need some aspects of home, for Wednesday sit-together chapels, for helping me with sketchy Craigslist deals.
  16. Brandon, Caleb, Coty, Jordan
    For calling me "mom", for allowing me to showcase my love way too much, for seeing all my embarrassing moments and loving me anyways.
  17. Riley, Sophie
    For going through yucky teenage years with me, for reunions, for football student sections, for being faithful Words With Friends players.