1. It might be dangerous how much I trust you guys but whatever.
  2. I feel like this is a safer platform to research my symptoms than WebMD.
  3. Don't read the rest of this list if talking about bodily functions makes you queasy.
  4. Here goes.
  5. I throw up.
  6. Like, a lot.
  7. It all started three years ago. So often I wake up in the morning and feel nauseous. And then I throw up. And feel kinda sick for a little longer. And then I get better again.
  8. It's happened three times this week alone.
  9. At the beginning it would just happen after I brushed my teeth. I think brushing teeth is the grossest thing. Toothpaste. Ugh.
  10. (But I still brush my teeth at least twice a day because I hate when they feel dirty.)
  11. So probably about 60% of the time it gets set off by brushing teeth.
  12. But the other 40% is just random "I feel sick."
  13. So anyways it's been 3 out of the last 6 days. I'd say normally it's like 2 days out of the week.
  14. Is this normal? Do I just have a weak stomach?
  15. Should I go to the doctor? What would I even tell him? "I throw up a lot... Help...?"
  16. I'm really sick of going to the doctor after being there so many times the last 4 months from unrelated scenarios.
  17. But could this be something real? And if so, what?
  18. It's really annoying and not fun to spend my mornings throwing up and feeling sick.
  19. Oh, also, I'm definitely not pregnant. Promise.