1. 🐗
    Idk this might make me BOARing (haha)
  2. 🐩
    Poodles are the 90210 of dogs. Never watched 90210. Never liked poodles.
  3. 🍢
    What the heck are these shapes on a stick
  4. 🗿
    The only reason I would use this is if someone would ask me what I'm doing and I happened to be watching Night at the Museum. I don't like that movie, so.
  5. 📟
    Should add this to the list because I'll probably use it soon due to my recent Gilmore Girls binge and their constant use of the beloved pager. They can make anything look cool.
  6. 💈
    Haven't visited my local barber recently.
  7. 📈📉📊
    "Yes Barry let's get those facts and figures into the idea machine." Bonus points if you can name that movie.
  8. 🕓🕘🕝🕢🕧🕦🕡🕜🕗🕒🕑🕖🕛🕠🕥🕥🕤🕟🕕🕔🕙🕞
    It's 2015 I think we've all lost the ability to read clocks like this.