1. HIDE in the bathroom at this party your stupid friend forced you to go to even though you told her one million times that you hate people and things and events AND GO SEEK
  2. unTAG yourself in all of those awful pictures on Facebook your grandma posted
  3. SHIPS amazon packages ACROSS THE OCEAN because you're too antisocial and lazy to go to an actual store and buy things
  4. CAPTURE THE isis and engage others in political debates concerning immigration FLAG
  5. SLEEPING literally just sleeping LIONS
  6. KEEP unfit presidential candidates AWAY
  7. BATTLESHIP and other scary places I would rather be than on this first date
  8. GUESS WHO had to go to the doctor again for their reoccurring rash
  9. RING AROUND everyone else's fingers except yours because you're the only person not engaged in your friend group THE ROSY
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  10. HEADS UP your errands aren't going to run themselves so turn off Netflix and get going already 7-UP
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  11. FOUR corporations own everything SQUARE
    Suggested by @mango
  12. Avoid the MALL because Black Friday is MADNESS
    Suggested by @baileyedge
  13. got a ticket from running through a RED light ROVER
    Suggested by @JohnnyL