Inspired by: idk, whoever started this thing (great idea btw 👍🏼). First list after one week hiatus; seems like v long time.
  1. Sandwich
    Wow I have a history with sandwiches. Okay. Semi toasted sourdough bread. Cream cheese. Sprouts. Salami. Turkey. Avocado. Tomato. Tbh I've never made that before but wow good job Kyla dang.
  2. Mixed drink
    Honestly couldn't tell ya. Cuz I'm 20 years 9 months old. And a goody two shoes so I've never drank.
  3. Sushi
    Philadelphia rolls 4 lyfe. Cream cheese and smoked salmon is just... I'm about to cry.
  4. Pizza
    Stuffed crust bc this pizza is a dream. Marinara sauce. Pepperoni. Mushroom. Pineapple. That's it. Note- if I'm eating pizza that doesn't have stuffed crust, I always eat it backwards. From the crust to the point. Because I have to save the best bites of things for last.
  5. Order at the coffee shop I work at
    Rooibos campfire cambrick. Vanilla syrup. Rooibos campfire tea (best tea of all time unfortunately DISCONTINUED. Shot straight to my heart.) Steamed milk. Best drink ever, may it rest in peace.
  6. Bedtime routine
    Super soft mattress topper. Essential oil diffuser. Write a page. One episode of whatever show I'm obsessed with that week. (Grey's Anatomy) Just a ton of weed. Haha no see point number 2.