My stream of consciousness.
  1. It's just one of those days where everything is hitting me.
  2. I'm in my junior year (credit-wise) of college (but only 2nd year of college, if that makes sense) and I'm studying Spanish education.
  3. It's getting rough.
  4. Learning a language is so hard.
  5. I need to be somewhere where I'm speaking it every day and I'm not and so I'm starting to feel like I'm losing it.
  6. And my brain just feels like it can't learn like it used to.
  7. I've had a lot of concussions. After my last one the doctor said I might not ever feel like I'm learning at my normal pace again.
  8. Was he right? Or was it just those words that wrecked my confidence?
  9. I have a short Spanish paper that needs to be done by 8 and then I have to learn 25 new words by tomorrow morning.
  10. I feel paralyzed and like I don't know where to start but not starting it is stressing me out even more.
  11. And my friends are trying to get me to date this boy.
  12. My last relationship ended 5 months ago. The last 2 months of that relationship were so tough.
  13. We were constantly having issues and so I always felt uncomfortable and on edge and nervous.
  14. And now when I think about dating that's what I feel. Uncomfortable and on edge and nervous.
  15. Cuz it hurt so bad.
  16. Is it a rip the bandage off type thing?
  17. I can't even think about it right now cuz I just gotta study.
  18. This is such a whiney list. I know.
  19. I'm just having a moment.