1. Ben Rector is playing at the Chicago Theater tonight and I am puuuuuumped
  2. We're eating somewhere first but we don't know where yet
  3. Can't be deep dish pizza per request of one of my friends going
  4. Love little underrated dives but we'll take any suggestions
  5. And go and bless you and I love you
  6. Cozy Thai
    It's Thai food and the restaurant is decorated p cool
    Suggested by @drugs
  7. Boiler Room
    It's pizza but not deep dish and they have this special called the PBJ which is a slice of pizza and a PBR and a shot of Jamison for $8
    Suggested by @drugs
  8. Chicago Diner
    It's vegan but it's SOOOOO good
    Suggested by @drugs
  9. Quartino
    Good Italian
    Suggested by @drugs