I am the luckiest girl in all of the land
  1. Okay you guys
  2. What the frig is this community like how did all of the greatest people gather on one site
  3. @julieann718 had my name for the care package thing and she CRUSHED it
  4. I went to the office to see if I had any packages and my landlady gave me this and I literally said "wait this is for me??" And got all teared up
  5. Just freaking packed full of treasures
  6. Actually the best kind of popcorn ever
  7. Warm socks cuz it's about to get real cold up in here
    Also excuse the low quality pictures I was just so excited
  8. THIS CUTE DOG and can we just talk about how it looks identical to my real dog that stays at my parents house?? Like how did you do that??
  9. This adorable mug filled with cute winter mittens!! 😭😭
  10. Okay so adorable and so necessary
  11. OKAY THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CRAZY. Literally yesterday I was talking to my roommate about tea. And I said "at my coffee shop we used to have this tea called campfire rooibos and it was my favorite but we stopped carrying it and I can't find it anywhere." Are you a sorceress Julie-Ann????
  12. Already ate half of these tbh
  13. Smells freaking delicious
  14. Literally a necessity around here
  15. Gangs all here
  16. From the most sincere part of me, THANK YOU! This absolutely blew me away and I am so touched by the time and effort you put into this.
  17. Also a big thanks to @amieshmamie for organizing this whole deal! You're awesome!
  18. Seriously you guys I can't get over the generosity and all around coolness of the people on this app. I haven't been incredibly active, but from what I have I've received nothing but support and that's awesome.
  19. Kisses to you all 😘