1. Okay first off she sent me a postcard a few days ago to let me know my present would be a little late. SO THOUGHTFUL.
  2. And then a package came today!!!!
    I would put the picture up but I forgot to mask the two addresses and I ain't about to give my new homie's address to the world.
  3. First a letter complete with a sticker from a truck stop close to her house!
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    THAT HANDWRITING THOUGH DANG. She wrote little facts about herself and said I could skip those and just rip open the present but I loved learning about her!
  4. (This is where she gets so freaking talented)
  5. A bag that she sewed herself!!
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    So cute and festive! She said it was one of her favorite projects that she's done. I will take care of it I promise :)
  6. The pretty inside
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  7. Okay you guys, she freaking knit this! So talented!!
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    The picture cropped out a little bit, but it's an adorable bag. Love that color! Also my dog in the corner there was very interested.
  8. And this pretty bowl :)
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    "For holding things...?" She writes in her letter. Love it.
  9. Also I immediately put this sticker on my guitar. Forever it will represent.
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  10. Thank you so much @sjc17805 ! It was so thoughtful and beautiful and you didn't send me a bomb or stalk me or anything! Thank you!!
  11. And you @ChrisK!!! You created a beautiful thing!!
  12. 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽