A confession.
  1. I was fresh outta high school, 18, ready to take on this world.
  2. Felt very responsible, very in control.
  3. Got on a flight to norther California, all the way across the country from my home in Indiana.
  4. Guy sitting across the aisle looked at me and said "Hey. Are you going to Las Vegas or something?"
  5. I wasn't. I told him no. Still a little confused why he immediately thought that but whatever, dude.
  6. He pulls out a pack of gum and says "You want a piece?"
  7. I felt weird and I said yes.
  8. And then I immediately realized that I have been gone from home for literally a couple hours.
  9. And I already
  10. TOOK
  11. CANDY
  12. FROM
  13. A
  15. And then nothing happened and I continued on my way and took on the world.
  16. But still it could have been bad.
  17. Come on Kyla.