@nathanveshecco YES I loved this
  1. Don't Full Frontal Hug Me ft. All These Old Men
    This is a rap song
  2. Oops I Slept In Again
  3. Please Call My Phone ft. Anyone Who Has My Number
  4. Drink More Water
    This one is just me yelling these three words continuously
  5. Sunday Night Dreads
    A real heart breaker about my feelings on any given Sunday night
  6. Fight Me ft. My Oversized Confidence
  7. Perfect Stranger
    Contains 50 verses all starring different strangers that I lowkey fell in love with
  8. College Smollege
  9. My Guate Hottie
    And ode to my Guatemalan boyfriend. He will always have an awkward part of my heart.
  10. Bonus track: just me, sobbing for 30 minutes followed by a step by step guide on how to make ramen noodles
  11. Suck it Kanye