1. Here in northern Indiana a good portion of our population is made up of Amish people.
  2. Whenever I travel out of state people are always fascinated to hear about the Amish. Which I think is absolutely hilarious. But once I take a step bag and think about it, it is kind of interesting.
  3. My dad's family used to be Amish but left a few years before he was born. My brother-in-law was Amish until he was 8.
  4. Here's some random tidbits.
  5. Nothing slows down traffic quite like an unfortunately placed buggy.
    99% of the time, Amish get around using their horse and buggy. There are time where I'll pass around 4 of them during a 10 minute drive. If you get behind them at the wrong time, it can be death.
  6. Amish rely on their neighbors heavily. My dad used to have Amish neighbors and since they don't use electricity, they would have no way of knowing if school was delayed or cancelled. So they worked out a system where my dad would put a bandana on his mailbox to signify a delay.
  7. One of my friends has gotten a few late night visits from Amish neighbors in labor who need to be drove to the birth center.
  8. I had an Amish babysitter when I was younger and it was awesome. Norman and Karen were their names. I remember early mornings when the sun had not yet rose and everything in the house was super dark.
  9. Karen would ask me what I wanted for lunch and I would always want canned mushroom soup. She always delivered.
  10. We would spend our days outside helping in Karen's garden or just exploring and playing. It was dreamy.
  11. One weekend we stayed for a few days while my parents went out of town. It was church weekend and Karen wanted to take us so she dressed me and my older sister up like Amish girls and took us to church.
  12. Shunning is a real thing and it's very sad. A few members of my brother-in-law's family will not have any communication with them because they left the Amish.
  13. Speaking of leaving the Amish, "rumspringa" is also a real thing and strangely, widely accepted in the Amish community. When an Amish child turns 16, they often will leave the Amish for a while and see what the "real world" is like. This often means they throw wild parties and get crazy drunk all the time.
    If you wanted to find a good party in high school, you would find Amish people. I was too scared and have never been 🤓
  14. People who have left the Amish are often called a "J.O." which stands for "jerked over". It is reeeeallyyy easy to pick out J.O.s.
  15. THE. FOOD. Amish food is so delicious and so fattening. Homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, thousands of desserts 😍
    They crush it with food.
  16. Amish kids rarely continue on in school after the 8th grade. It was so weird because after we graduated 8th grade, many of our friends just didn't come anymore. I think about them sometimes.