1. Those "Tasty" videos on Facebook
    You know those ones that show you a whole recipe in like 30 seconds? Yikes I am in love win those.
  2. The way Spotify uses our profile pictures for our Discover Weekly playlists
    Like dang that's really cool
  3. Fixer Upper
    How you get that house so nice Joanna Gaines
  4. My "Chore Boys Heritage Pork" hat
    My dad bought meat from them once and they gave him this hat and now I wear it about every day
  5. The smell of coconut
    Unhealthy how attracted I am to it
  6. Giving extra credit
    Being a TA has gone to my head. Let me teach your kids Spanish and they will pass with flying colors but also actually learn it because IMPORTANT
  7. Challenging people to fights
    # of people fought: 0