A list to help me understand myself better. It helps to write it out.
  1. It's like I have a pot of water sitting in the bottom of my stomach
  2. And that pot of water is sitting on a stove
  3. And all of a sudden the stove will turn on
  4. And the water heats up and starts threatening to boil
  5. And so it starts moving and shaking and slowly bubbles rise to the top, closer to my heart
  6. And I panic because of the chaos going on in this pot of water
  7. And I have to derail it before it boils over
  8. So I sit and breath and pray and read Philippians 4:6-7 and talk to myself
  9. And I picture the water calming as my body relaxes
  10. And I remind myself that nothing is as bad as it seems
  11. And then the stove is turned off and I go about my day until my mind sets it off again.
  12. It's a tiring thing.
  13. But when I get it under control I always think, "Yeah Ky. You got this."
  14. It's just situational anxiety. It's been going on for five weeks. Almost six now.
  15. Hopeful someday soon the whole pot of water will get completely removed.
  16. But until then I'm content with learning how to manage it.