I'm a creep 🕵
  1. Lady beside me
    Reading a book on her iPad that seems v intense. "I have to meet them. You know that. It's a requirement." Intriguing.
  2. Her husband (?)
    Getting lost on his iPhone. As in clicking random spa trying to figure out what they are. Same.
  3. Guy caddy corner from me
    I thought for a second we might fall in love. But then he spent way too much time looking at that picture of those three girls. Hard pass.
  4. Brother sitting right behind me
    Kicked my seat. Whispered in my ear "could you feel that?" Yes. Goodbye.
  5. Sister and her husband
    Sitting beside my brother and making me sit all alone LIKE THE TRAITORS THEY ARE.
  6. Flight attendant
    Telling me to turn my phone to airplane mode.
  7. Goodbye world