1. This is a follow up to this list DIAGNOSE ME, PLEASE. in which the List App community that I adore read my symptoms and offered their suggestions, advice, and convinced me to take it to the doc. Love you all. 💜💜💜
  2. So I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I decided to go to an all natural doctor first to see what they could figure out.
  3. And they did this full body scan that just showed them freaking everything about my bod; no joke I think they could see my deepest darkest secret through that thing.
  4. So they read the results and found out that for the last three years I've been low key GROWING A FUNGUS IN MY STOMACH LOL
  5. Just a nice little fungus in there mixed with some bacteria buddies that have been making me nauseous and throw up like a banchee.
  6. 🆗🆒
  7. I love Latin America and have been to many of those countries and they think those trips are probably where it came from.
  9. The machine also showed them that my thyroid is off (no surprise) and that I've been hella stressed and the nice doc was like "We're gonna take care of all of this bb"
  10. So now it's time to kill all this fungi in my stomach. They gave me a crap ton of all natural vitamins and supplements and probiotics so for the next month I gotta take 43 PILLS A DAY.
  11. 43
  12. 43, you guys.
  13. But, hey, at least they figured it out.
  14. This is the closest I've ever been to being pregnant so I'm a little nervous I'm gonna get attached to this thing growing inside of me but so far it's been nothing but a douche so, whatever fungus.
  15. Today's day 3 of this pill popping escapade and I'm learning to take them like a champ.
  16. Then after a month I'll go back and hopefully it will be all clear.
  17. So anyways, medical mystery solved!!
  18. Thanks for all your A+ advice, I would bestow baked goods and kisses on you all if I could.
  19. Fungi out. ✌🏼️