1. Being human is the weirdest thing.
  2. I've found that I'm constantly trying to either convince my head of the truth in my heart or convince my heart of the realities in my head.
  3. I know in my head that I'm better off without x,y, or z but my heart sometimes still feels twinges of pain.
  4. But this head knowledge is real and it's tested and true. But my heart isn't quite convinced.
  5. Throughout my faith walk there have been times where my head knowledge of the love of God is so much stronger than my heart knowledge.
  6. Those times suck.
  7. Sometimes I know my truth in the heart but my head still swirls with doubt.
  8. And it's frustrating.
  9. So, Kyla, tonight is like that and if you've come back to reread this odds are you're internally struggling and you feel like crying.
  10. But just know that this struggle is what makes you alive.
  11. It is your subconscious trying to protect you from something and it only means that after all of this time you actually do love yourself.
  12. Don't despair in this, but rather be comforted in knowing that, if not all of you, at least a part of you knows what is real and truth always wins out.
  13. Heart, lighten up a little. Be more optimistic. Your life is good and your future is bright.
  14. Head, trust the rest of you. You don't always know best.
  15. Kyla, I don't tell you this enough, but you're great and you kick ass on the daily.
  16. Keep it up.
  17. You are sufficient.
  18. Have peace. Have faith. Everything is going to work out.