1. Okay I used to be a loyal Bachelor fan but haven't kept up with the last few seasons. I decided to start again this season because WARSAW, INDIANA.
  2. I live about 30 minutes from there, but my best friend lives on the lake that his parents live on. Coincidently we spend most summer weekends there. Many times this summer we went past the house and stalked a little.
  3. I only have a few tidbits but here's some rando facts.
  4. The huge parade/pep rally that they showed Ben at in the beginning was completely staged.
    They were real people and all that jazz but really the occasion was "We Need Good Footage" which is understandable.
    I've read a few blogs with people bashing his jewelry choice but here's the story behind it. It's from a company called MudLove that originated in Warsaw. Their shop is on the lake where his parents live. They were super popular like six years ago... I forget the logistics, but somehow the company doubles as a charity I think? It's always been confusing to me. I was surprised to see it, but wayta represent!
  6. "Warsaw, Indiana feels like America."
    I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of his statement but I can give some deets. So tbh the lake there is super ritzy. Aka the founder off one of the world's leading knee replacement company lives there. It is a super patriotic neighborhood and so their 4th of July party is just ridiculous. We're talking a crapload of money spent on fireworks. It's bizarre. I guess that's American?
  7. In one of the last episodes Ben and the remaining women come to Warsaw and it was just chaos.
    Anyone was invited to come watch filming but I was busy that weekend so I missed it :( BUT I had a few friends report back and apparently people were everywhere and my friend may or may not have snuck into a place where he was not allowed to be and is now convinced he will be on the background of the show.
  8. Here's my friend WITH HIM UGH
  9. When the ladies were staying in Warsaw, they stayed at the house a few down from my best friend.
    Her dad is basically in charge of keeping lake life running smoothly. The girls somehow managed to break their sink, so he got called down there and got to hang out for a bit.
  10. I loved watching the beginning segment and being like "I KNOW THAT PLACE!" I had to get me excitement about it out hence this list...