10 photos on my phone, chosen at random

Here it goes~ my first list
  1. Sadie
    This was the day I brought Sadie home, little did I know she would become a lunatic dog, love her tho
  2. Happy Last Chemo cupcakes
    Took this on the night before what I thought was my last chemo...little did I know
  3. Princess Kiley
    My sidekick and I were causing trouble as usual
  4. 2 of my favs
    Missing you more and more everyday Kev
  5. In the pit
    Sam Hunt and Lady A concert-best one I've been to yet
  6. 2nd annual CCMC Christmas Cheer
    Some of the toys from the CCMC Christmas Cheer toy drive 2015
  7. One of my favorite things in the world
    WHITE mint chocolate chip
  8. Texas😍
  9. Vie for Kyla 🎗
  10. Terry
    ~because he showed me this app