tips and tricks on how I study and what I've found works best
  1. sit down with notes and textbook and prepare to relearn the semester
  2. take out some flash cards and realize I smell and need to take a shower
  3. take shower then sit back down at my desk
  4. realize it has been a while since I changed my sheets
  5. change my sheets
  6. while changing sheets I realize I could use a manicure
  7. paint my nails
  8. hate the color and take off nail polish
  9. paint with new color
  10. can't ruin my new manicure so watch an episode of the blacklist
  11. eat some Doritos
  12. get Doritos dust on wet nails
  13. paint nails a third time
  14. episode of blacklist was a to be continued so watch next episode
  15. organize closet while watching so I can feel productive
  16. come back to computer and see an ad for America's Next Top Model on Hulu
  17. search America's Next Top Model contestants on Wikipedia
  18. find out where they are now
  19. look through their pictures from their time on ANTM
  20. another episode of the blacklist started automatically playing
  21. decide who should have really won cycle 10 because Whitney was very rude
  22. look up Analeigh Tipton on IMDb because she is now an actress
  23. find out she is in crazy stupid love
  24. decide it's still early and I have time to watch crazy stupid love
  25. Emma Stone and Steve Carell should star in every movie
  26. look them up on wikipedia
  27. start rewatching The Office
  28. gosh this show is so funny
  29. why couldn't it have lasted forever
  30. start a web sudoku
  31. refresh the page when they give you one that's too hard
  32. I'm on the easy level for a reason
  33. I'm not trying to impress anybody
  34. look down and realize I should probably shave my legs
  35. take a second shower
  36. practice acceptance speech for my Oscar while in the shower
  37. sing some Adele
  38. turn off the water and dry off
  39. realize I have indeed forgotten to shave
  40. decide to wear pants because three showers is ridiculous
  41. back to studying but first one quick YouTube video of the office bloopers
  42. find the hour and a half long bloopers video
  43. watch it twice
  44. It's 10:00 pm
  45. give up on hopes and dreams
  46. go to sleep