1. Don't go past 100 when counting
  2. When you are asked to judge something out of 100, you must rate it 100
  3. Drive on autopilot at 100mph no matter what the speed limit is and never stop
  4. Buy 100 acres of land and keep it forever
  5. Set the thermostat to 100 degrees permanently
  6. Freeze yourself when you reach 100 years old
    This will be a great reward after living a majority of your life in 100 degree temperature
  7. Try really hard in school and get 100's on everything so you can keep your average at 100
  8. If you're keeping score of a basketball game and the game goes past 100 points, keep the scoreboard at 100
  9. Produce a prequel of 101 Dalmatians
  10. Never break a 100 dollar bill
  11. Give Jay-Z one more problem and give Nena one more luftballoon