NSFW for those who have not seen the new reboot of the classic space opera
  1. JJ Abrams probably wasted an entire day of sunlight begging Carrie Fisher to get emotional
    Instead he probably got emotional about it
  2. I wish George Lucas sold his rights earlier so we could have seen more Star Wars movies and TV shows during the 80's and early 90's
    would have been cool to have seen the last 30 years of Leia, Luke and Han's life, instead of only hearing about it in the new movie
  3. Subtitles for Chewbaca and Droids
    Just tell me what they're saying, why so fucking secretive? Do they think I'm dumb and won't understand it? I watch shows with subtitles for fun.
  4. Was glad Oscar Isaac didn't die
    He has potential for a spin off movie where he bangs Barbie, as long as Mattel allows Disney to use her like they did for Toy Story
  5. They should have released 10 movies all at once on Netflix instead of releasing just one movie
    Stars Wars should be capable of this instead of making us wait years for what we can only hope are really good movies.