1. In the 4th grade I was the last person left at school when my bus got into an accident
    The bus finally picked me up and brought me to the scene of the accident where a bunch of Chinese people were yelling in Chinese to my bus driver
  2. In pre-school a classmate of mine scratched my face causing me to bleed because she was pretending to be a cat
    Now that I think about it she may actually have been a cat
  3. Seeing Morissey perform in concert
    He played videos of animals being slaughtered while he was performing - I haven't eaten meat in months
  4. Bus driver forced us to listen to "Over and Over" by Nelly and Tim McGraw on the radio every day going to middle school
    Ironic that the song is called "over and over"
  5. Shit my pants at my day camp's carnival
    feel bad for the counselor who had to wipe me up. It was probably more traumatizing for him. I wonder how he's doing. He's probably scared of carnivals.
  6. In 1st grade one of my classmates showed me her vagina during Hebrew class
    No wonder I failed all my Hebrew classes, I couldn't focus
  7. Had to go home in the middle of the night during my first sleepover
    The family made me sleep in the basement alone while my friend slept in his bedroom. The basement was really creepy so I woke up the parents and my parents drove 20 minutes to pick me up at 5am
  8. At another sleepover when I was younger I was forced to make my own cereal and spilt the milk everywhere
    My mom always used to make my cereal but my friend poured his own cereal with no help, so I did the same even though I wanted help. I dropped the entire jug of milk on the floor.