Villains That Give Me Nightmares

  1. Norm Snively from Airbud
    Let's be real this guy was a pedophile and either Chris Hanson or animal services have most likely tracked him down
  2. Slugworth from Willy Wonka
    "Slugworth" says it all
  3. Cullen Crisp from Kindergarten Cop
    Even Arnold was intimidated by him
  4. Eric from Billy Madison
    He literally keeps mice in his office
  5. Bill Murray in Kingpin
    In the movie there's a commercial for his charity which is pretty much him fucking mothers who have been divorced
  6. Snakes from Snakes on a Plane
    Any snake that manages to become the lead villain in a Samuel L Jackson movie deserves to make this list
  7. Baxter from Baseketball
    He has A young hot Jenny McCarthy manually install carpet in his office, he runs a sweatshop in the Middle East, and puts living players behind glass for his art collection
  8. Young Salim from Slumdog
    A rascal from day one
  9. Middle Aged Salim from Slumdog
    The least intimidating of the bunch
  10. Adult Salim from Slumdog
    Just a fucking dick