1. Norm Snively from Airbud
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    Let's be real this guy was a pedophile and either Chris Hanson or animal services have most likely tracked him down
  2. Slugworth from Willy Wonka
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    "Slugworth" says it all
  3. Cullen Crisp from Kindergarten Cop
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    Even Arnold was intimidated by him
  4. Eric from Billy Madison
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    He literally keeps mice in his office
  5. Bill Murray in Kingpin
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    In the movie there's a commercial for his charity which is pretty much him fucking mothers who have been divorced
  6. Snakes from Snakes on a Plane
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    Any snake that manages to become the lead villain in a Samuel L Jackson movie deserves to make this list
  7. Baxter from Baseketball
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    He has A young hot Jenny McCarthy manually install carpet in his office, he runs a sweatshop in the Middle East, and puts living players behind glass for his art collection
  8. Young Salim from Slumdog
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    A rascal from day one
  9. Middle Aged Salim from Slumdog
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    The least intimidating of the bunch
  10. Adult Salim from Slumdog
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    Just a fucking dick