The untold perspective
  1. "Oh this boy is singing to me, how nice."
  2. "Oh...but there's THIS boy too."
  3. "Wait you're both proposing...right now?!"
  4. "Well this could be fun. Bow down kiss the ring, bitches"
  5. "Did you really just use the phrase 'eat his hat'?"
  6. "You want flowers? Probably just a nervous slip of the tongue."
  7. "Nope, he said it again. Guess this dude digs flowers."
  8. "Now you're just repeating yourself."
  9. "Rockets?"
  10. "Maybe if you'd stop talking, I'd actually say 'yes'."
  11. "Damn the fade out...I'll never know when he's gonna stop!!"
  12. *daydreams of spending life together with the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" singer*