Observations I've made and stories I've collected driving the people of LA around.
  1. I now understand who attends a Colbie Caillait concert.
  2. Nobody likes Van Nuys.
    New Yorkers in particular feel unsafe there and comment on it, without fail.
  3. Breakups can happen anywhere, including my backseat.
    To give you an idea of the level of intensity, the guy asked to be let out early to walk home.
  4. I was offered $10,000 to write and produce a song.
    This guy wanted to do something special for his girl. Oh, and his name was "Wolf" and he worked on "Wall Street." Hmm.... calling your bluff, sir.
  5. I was offered to be a private driver.
    Good ol' "Wolf" again, wanting his girl driven around 4 hours a day. I'm convinced that "Wolf" is just a pimp at this point.
  6. I get more reviews for my hair than my driving.
    I'll take it 💁🏼
  7. Sometimes, passengers will need a wingman on the spot. Here I am to the rescue.
    My passenger (comfortably drunk) was on the phone talking to a girl. He had plans to take her out later that week, and needed date ideas. **SURPRISE YOU'RE A WINGMAN NOW** He handed the phone to me to help him out. The review he left on Lyft indicated my ideas were a success 💪🏼
  8. If you make a stop that involves food, passengers will almost always buy you something.
    What I've received: Jack In The Box tacos, In-N-Out, Wendy's, Pressed Juicery, and a Bud Light
  9. People get very honest.
    I'm like a bartender without the alcohol, or a therapist without the couch.
  10. People are not as drunk as I expected.
    I'm genuinely surprised by this.
  11. 30+ year old women who manage a bar or restaurant are quick to give me their business cards.
    I guess a connection with Saddle Ranch could come in handy someday...?