…but nevertheless, still true.
  1. Slow internet turns me into a different person.
    Imagine road rage but with web traffic.
  2. I have extensive knowledge over all Mexican food.
    Street tacos are basically a love language.
  3. Public transportation / walking is preferred to driving. If I'm gonna drive, stick shift all the way.
    Neither are common in LA, but I DO WHAT I WANT
  4. My apartment is a strangely accurate representation of me as a person.
    Put together, composed, and a cohesive temperament on the outside (it's very rare my living room is a mess and doesn't have a good feel), but consistently needing to work on the inside in spite of inner confidence (my room is a disaster, but I know how to manage while learning how to better prioritize my own needs).
  5. Clouds and rainy weather also turn me into a different person.
    I've lived in arid climates my entire life, so I exude joy when the blue sky bundles up a bit. In fact, my junior/high school teachers would let students take a break to go outside if it started raining. I took that opportunity every single time. Rain was and still is a special thing to me.