1. The movie "Rock Star"
    Mark Wahlberg's journey of becoming a triple threat is completed by this film. And by "triple threat," I mean New Kids On The Block, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and fictional 80s rock god
  2. Home Shopping Network
    Thomas Edison would be proud?
  3. The "Death Wish" series
    Did you know there's FIVE of them? And the sequels actually get BETTER with each one?! fun fact: Jeff Goldblum is in the first one
  4. The Game Show Network
    not limited to, whatever is on and whenever it is on but... **Family Feud trumps all**
  5. MTV's Ridiculousness
    It makes me nostalgic for America's Funniest Home Videos. Ever think about how AFHV was the predecessor to YouTube?
  6. Public Access TV
    The things that cities allow their citizens to broadcast on TV is fascinating to me
  7. An Oscar-winning film on your "list"
    How did "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" get a Best Picture nod?
  8. Antiques Roadshow / Pawn Stars
    depends on how PBS I'm feeling that day
  9. The Magic School Bus
    Quick Poll: was Ms. Frizzle on drugs? 👍 or 👎
  10. Cartoons
    🎶 bacon pancakes makin' bacon pancakes 🎶
  11. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathons
    who am I kidding... I'd watch this any day