Tips and tricks to stay comfy this winter without killing your wallet
  1. Re-seal your windows or cover them in plastic
    Re-seal your windows or cover them in plastic. Windows are responsible for up to 30% of temperature loss in homes! Getting a sealant or the plastic covers can be done at your local Home Depot
  2. Change the direction of your ceiling fans
    If you have ceiling fans, change the direction they normally spin in (there is a button on the fan housing to do this). This will make them spin counter clockwise, pushing warm air downwards, and can save up to 15% on monthly energy bills
  3. Get room by room temperature control with Ecovent Systems
    If you have central air, consider adding a system like Ecovent, which gives you room by room temperature control. It redirects the airflow to where you are, keeping you comfortable, and helping you save by no longer heating rooms where you aren't
  4. Make sure your ducts aren't leaky
    It's no use heating all that air, if you're losing it before it gets to you. You can have an HVAC pro do a quick inspections of your vents to make sure they aren't leaky. Ecovent's Home Health report can also show this to you
  5. Don't run the bathroom fan for long
    This helps remove moisture from your bathrooms, which you'll definitely want to do to prevent mold growth - but it also sucks out all the hot air from your home, so never leave it running
  6. Leave blinds open on the sunny side of your home
    The energy from strong sunlight can heat your home 10-15% more efficiently. Leave your blinds open during the day in the rooms that receive a lot of sunlight to keep your home toasty without increasing your energy bills