In the Internet boom, you could identify a persons true identity by the screen names they chose and the seemingly random numbers attached to them
  1. ilike2act
    In my defense, I grew up around 2 older sisters and a mom who majored in musical theater. I knew the lyrics to more show tunes than my teachers growing up. That being said, I've been out of the acting game for many many years though I owe my personify to not being afraid of talking in front of people.
  2. KyleGotStyle91
    Rhymes were a layup when it came to screen names. Kyle rhymes with about four things and this one made the most sense. 91 eludes to the year I was born
  3. DJQwikSpit
    I freestyled my freshman year of high school. Not very well but good for a white kid. I was dubbed Qwikspit cause I could rhyme faster than other but not better
  4. kylekimball
    It's the basic shit I run with now. It identifies me easily, I'm easy to find but WHERE'S THE CREATIVITY?!?