1. Junot Diaz
    I wish I had read Oscar Wao sooner
  2. The Coen Bros
    I mean, how great was that Hail Caesar! trailer?
  3. Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon
    Two Brothers is their best non-Casanova work yet
  4. Steve Jobs, the movie
    It was very good! Go Sorkin!
  5. The Inkstuds Critics roundtable podcast
    Lots of good comics recommendations here
  6. Megahex
    Compulsively readable
  7. The fact that Gilbert Hernandez has a new Vertigo book out.
    And it's as big a deal to DC as it is to me
  8. Wonder Woman starts filming next month
  9. There's a Blade Runner bar in Atlanta
  10. Multiversity comes out in hardcover next week
    You really should read what was easily the best superhero type comic to hit the stands in years.
  11. I finally read a Manga
    It was pretty good, though probably not wholly representative
  12. Moffat Doctor Who continues to be awesome
  13. Fargo started off better this season than its initial premiere
    This bodes well
  14. The Knick
    Season 2 starts tonight
  15. The Flash
    Rough start this season but the overarching storyline is promising