Things to do in Bellingham Wa

I live in Bellingham Washington. Everyone asks what to do when they're here, so here you go.
  1. Go to boulevard park - get a coffee, and walk the boardwalk.
  2. Hike the oyster done trail. A roughly 3 hour hike there and back, just 10 minutes south of Bellingham. You'll see the best view in town, and get a good workout in.
  3. Beer - so much delusions local beer. Try out Kulshan, Wander, Aslan, Chuckanut, Boundary Bay, and more.
  4. I highly recommend these restaurants to soak up all the beer you just drank. Eat ( yes that's the name of an actual place to eat ) La Fiamma Burger, Brandy Wine Kitchen, OVN, Mombo Italiano, Fat Pie Pizza ( 2 people can eat for less then $20 )