Food I Crave

Across the USA. Happy New Year and good luck with your diet 😑🎉
  1. Disneyland's Blue Bayou monte cristo.
    Thanks to this random find in 2009, I've confidently walked out of Disneyland 3 pounds heavier even after walking 10 miles.
  2. Cups biscuit sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese, (US Senate Russell Building)
    I'm too prideful to honestly admit how many of these I had while living in DC. I'm sure you can find these everywhere but no where else can you get the same feel. Eating breakfast with some of the sharpest people on The Hill makes for the coolest environment. Watching CNN while eating is also recommended.
  3. In-N-Out cheeseburger animal style.
    I admit, sometimes I get two burgers animal style AND protein style so I can eat it twice and not be filled up with all the bread. 👊🏼
  4. Sangjun's coconut ice cream
    This heavenly concoction is mostly coconut and less ice cream. Chocolate shavings included. Serious nostalgic ties to this one from Old Town Alexandria.
  5. Kenekes chicken and rice
    Stumbled on this place in 2011 on Oahu. Game. Changer. Don't know if it was actually that good but we were starving and it's the quaintest place. Also good: their coconut ice cream and pineapple ice cream.
  6. Cafe Rio shredded pork burrito/quesadilla/salad.
    As Lizzie McGuire put it, this is what dreams are made of.
  7. Maglebys Chocolate Cake
    I capitalized this chocolate cake because it's a proper noun in my life. The waiter made a bet we couldn't eat it all in one sitting. We did. He was impressed. My best friend mailed this to me while I was in the MTC.
  8. Greek-N-Go gyros
    Provo food truck. I've never had better and I'm a gyro snob. I take credit for introducing my friends to this place. Get the fries and say hi to Mark for me! 🇬🇷
  9. Apollo Burger's Apollo Burger
    Pastrami. Grease. Cheese. Their fries are 🙌🏼