1. My hair is not cooperating
  2. Sock bun to the rescue!
  3. We should be allowed to wear pajamas if we're working the late shift plus overtime
  4. Omg My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 trailer is out!!!
  5. The cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding have had a LOT of work done
  6. I need to practice my cookie recipe for a cookie exchange party so they don't completely suck
  7. When is @misslisabeee coming home?!
  8. November is already half way over!!!!
  9. I need pizza
  10. Should I ask my coworker if she wants to order pizza?
  11. Omg we're ordering pizza!!!! Hope it's bbq chicken
  12. This pizza is so bomb
  13. What does the ➕ mean in lists?
  14. I should sleep
  15. I'll go to bed after another episode of "Reign" my 16th century French royal version of gossip girl