1. The secret handshake
    We have all tried to learn it. Don't lie to me.
  2. She's from London
    Yeah yeah Napa Valley is cool but London is an epic, international, jolly good metropolis. That's why she has class. And you don't.
  3. She can send a fax
    In 1998 this would be an impressive skill for a kid. Also, she can draw! (Remember the 911 fax with Sammy on it?)
  4. She's brave
    Raise your hand if you have ever had your 11-year-old twin sister that you JUSTMET cut your hair AND pierce your ears. *no ones raises hands except Annie James because she is superior*
  5. Her mom is Natasha Richardson
    I guess Hallie's mom is technically Natasha Richardson, too, but who cares Annie had her first!
  6. She can rock an all plaid lady suit
    And a matching headband.
  7. She says things like "you gave me a fright!"
    If that's not the most polite way to tell someone they scared the crap out of you idk what is