@roseschlossberg thank you for this! My name unpacked below.
  1. Those two Y's
    For my cooky/questionably hip parents, Myles + Jayne, one Y was simply not enough.
  2. Y's Continued
    Phonetics is egregiously ignored. "It's Kyly - like Minogue" is a daily go to. Not necessarily mad about it.
  3. The Z
    As a kid, being last in line for fire/earthquake drills or called last during attendance was cool + different + got me some attention - so I was V. into it!
  4. Esther Zakowski
    Was not into her joining my high school class in the 9th grade + stealing my primo spot at the end of all things for the remaining 4 years that it would matter.
  5. Fauve
    This was the name my parents initially picked out for me + a nod, of course, to Fauvism. 🙀
  6. Bitch
    My mom was pregnant (with me, a real bb) + was walking on the beach in Malibu. She heard someone calling "Kyly, Kyly!" - which was definitely "Kylie, Kylie!" She fell in love with the name just as the owners dog jumped into his arms.