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  1. That's right, I'm back, ready to spit out some more lists that aren't funny.
  2. Buckle up.
  3. •••
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Please don't tell him I posted this.
  1. tfw when you're taking a landscape photo and some asshat walks into the shot
  2. Realizing it's inside out
  3. Starting over
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Spent NYE sober at a pub, entertained myself by asking (drunk) strangers their resolutions
  1. "Graduate."
  2. "Be wild and free in everything I do."
  3. "Drink less."
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  1. Has no idea what HAGS means???
    Like, I'd make a yearbook list, but I'm a little scared you're all in a cult I don't know about.
I didn't think I would ever post this, but #draftmas has a way of changing that.
  1. Low point: Working for years to lose your accent and assimilate, only to have someone whose parents were born here brag to you about being "an eighth Irish."
    I know her intention was to sound cool, but I will never forget how angry this made me feel.
  2. High point: Anytime someone asks about culture/ traditions/ everyday life "back home."
    Not every immigrant will feel this way (sometimes it's none of your damn business), but I love telling stories, especially when the asking party is genuinely curious. Open-mindedness is such a turn on, and I make a point of sharing whenever someone is willing to learn.
  3. Low point: Crying in the embassy when you find out your passport application has been denied.
    Not pictured: sitting in your car in the parking lot, repeatedly punching the steering wheel until your hands feel they will break off.
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  1. I had planned on live-listing yesterday's gift exchange, but things didn't quite go as I had expected.
  2. WHAT I WANTED: Money and gift cards.
    WHAT I GOT: My parents paid the tuition for my final semester of school, meaning that I can quit my second job in the new year.
  3. That's it.
    I'm still crying.
After my list on airplane seats was (briefly) trending, I considered only posting funny lists for a while. But that's not my brand. Buckle up for a list about some personal experiences.
  1. EDIT: this is by no means comprehensive.
  2. Though English is my second language, my accent is "cute" or "interesting," and doesn't make me "sound ignorant," or limit my job opportunities.
  3. When I need to get in somewhere — be it my office after hours, or a nightclub — I am never perceived as a threat, and my intentions are never questioned.
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  1. The window seat is the worst seat on an airplane. I don't care who you are or where you're from, I will fight you about this.
  2. It's cold as FUCK
    The air temperature outside of a jet at cruising altitude is typically around -50 degrees, not accounting for windchill. The temperature in a window seat is about two degrees warmer.
  3. I constantly have to pee,
    and when you have the window seat you have to ask not one, but TWO strangers for permission to go about your business, like a fucking child in some draconian elementary school run by sadists.
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Inspired by @Fitz. Cleaning out my drafts > studying for my finals
  1. What is your favourite word?
  2. What is your least favourite word?
  3. What turns you on?
    Real talk; genuine laughter
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The couple already has a 19 month old, River. My favs are listed, but suggestions are welcome.
  1. Parker Yonge
  2. Thompson Yonge
  3. August Yonge
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