After my list on airplane seats was (briefly) trending, I considered only posting funny lists for a while. But that's not my brand. Buckle up for a list about some personal experiences.
  1. EDIT: this is by no means comprehensive.
  2. Though English is my second language, my accent is "cute" or "interesting," and doesn't make me "sound ignorant," or limit my job opportunities.
  3. When I need to get in somewhere — be it my office after hours, or a nightclub — I am never perceived as a threat, and my intentions are never questioned.
  4. All products required for my hair, skin, etc. are readily available at the nearest drugstore.
  5. I am harassed far less than my friends who were born here, even though I am the only one who feasibly could "stop stealing jobs" and "go home."
  7. When I put my hair in a ponytail, no one tells me I "look 20x more white."
    For context: an acquaintance recently had her hair box braided, for the first time as an adult. At school the next day, someone told her she looked "twenty times blacker."
  8. When I get a scholarship/ win an award, everyone automatically believes I deserved it because of my merits, and NOT BECAUSE OF MY RACE.
  9. I didn't learn the word "microaggression" until I was twenty years old.
  10. I can say hello to police officers, security guards, and all matter of random strangers, and be perceived as being flirtatious or just plain polite.
  11. No one ever calls me anything but my name.
  12. No one has ever said to me "Sorry, I'm just not into white women. I don't find them attractive. It's just a personal preference."
  13. No one EVER uses food to describe my appearance.
    Saying someone has a "white chocolate" skin tone is not a thing that happens.
  14. I can think of only one time in my entire life where my race was used as a qualifier in a compliment.
  15. When I was applying to rent in the place where I am currently living, I was able to bargain the rent down to half the asking price. I'd like to think this is because I am delightful and talented, but I cannot pretend the outcome would have been the same had I not been white.
  16. Saying "I'm SO sorry," and crying a little bit are a pretty easy way to get out of a ticket for a traffic violation.
  17. My complaints are always taken seriously.
  18. When I was super into religion, it was fine, cool, normal. When I was super not into religion, it was fine, cool, and normal.
  19. In my life, I have seen more people who look like me than people who do not look like me.
    Most people who look like me are portrayed in a positive light.