1. bullet journal
    this isn't a new endeavor for me, but it is something i tend to not stick with, despite how much i enjoy it and the overwhelming proof of how well it serves me
  2. make (and stick to) a budget
    because 27 is too damn old to still be blindsided by expenses that i absolutely knew about
  3. swim at least 4x a week
    because it's fun, because it makes me feel strong, because the water heals me
  4. compete in a masters swim event
  5. floss
    at least sometimes
  6. shave my legs at least once a week
    because my GOSH it becomes such a chore if you neglect it 😩
  7. drink enough water
    fitbit tells me 100oz a day, which feels like such a chore but makes me feel SO GOOD
  8. be more mindful
  9. be more grateful
  10. surround myself with people that love and care about me, and stop pouring myself out for people who don't
  11. take ballet
  12. audition for a musical
  13. stretch every day
  14. read (so much) more
    i miss the high school days of powering through two books a week just because i could
  15. spend another summer outside
    because it made me the happiest i've been in YEARS
  16. buy zero packs of cigarettes
    (i would say 'smoke zero cigarettes' but let's be realistic)
  17. eat better
    not count calories. not follow a diet. not make a meal plan, because i've learned that even that can sometimes set me on a weird trajectory in re: food control. but i know what foods fuel my body and make me feel good, and i want to spend 2017 learning how to eat to live, rather than live to eat (or not eat, as has sometimes been the case).
  18. grow out my hair
    and live my best mermaid wave life
  19. do more things just because they make me happy
    take myself to the movies, see more plays, smoke weed by the lake, finally learn to play my ukulele, dance, go on night drives just because, lay in the grass
  20. paint along with bob ross
  21. get another tattoo
    honestly the only reason this is here is because putting it on the list gives me an excuse to do it
  22. moisturize
  23. streamline and simplify
    stop being such a packrat and get rid of the shit that i no longer need/use or that no longer makes me happy (✨sparks joy✨)