The Best/weirdest Moments From #mobydickathon

The @midnight digital pod decided to read all of Moby Dick live on Periscope without stopping. It took over 28 hours. Guests stopped by, bits happened, minds were lost. Here are some memorable moments:
  1. Saying "call me Ishmael."
    I got to kick off the whole thing and it felt badass!!!
  2. Taylor in a shark costume
    First he attacked me while reading, then he picked up the book and started reading himself!
  3. @FunnyOrDie brought a hype man (@demi)
    Damn! He sure was pumped about reading, yo!
  4. Nate Corddry!
    Nate hosts a live show / podcast called "Reading Aloud," which made him a particularly awesome guest.
  5. Hardwick!
    The host of @midnight stopped by to tell us what Quequeq was up to.
  6. Demi in a pumpkin mask
    With a weird accent. Kinda British, but not really?
  7. Italian or Jamaican?
    Demi tried to do an Italian accent but it was clearly Jamaican.
  8. Steve Agee
    Stayed in an over-the-top sarcastic tone the entire time.
  9. LA Opera
    Some folks from the opera version read from the book version!
  10. Santina Muha
    Santina is the best & she got to read the chapter where we meet Ahab for the first time!
  11. Ben Garant
    Fun fact: he produces @midnight!
  12. Taylor is cute
  13. Emmy Blotnick
    Writer on @midnight !
  14. Kimmy Gatewood
    She asked viewers to tell her what accent to do, and she delivered the following: British, German, Klingon, Singing Jamacian, Person in Fargo, bad Dean Connery, bad Christopher Walken, and bad Shatner.
  15. Carvel follows us now
    Because we liked their Fudgey the Whale joke, of course.
  16. Sexy Dan Telfer
    @dantelfer made the correct assumption that adding funk music and taking your clothes off can make Moby Dick sexy as fuuuuck
  17. Bjork
    Oh wow the real Bjork!
  18. April Richardson
    Didn't read much, mostly asked questions about the 2002 movie "Ghost Ship."
  19. A puppet
    Fun fact: we made this puppet for a Vine almost a year ago.
  20. Randazzo & Son
    Joe (@midnight head writer) brought his son Cormac to read, but Cormac had other plans.
  21. Jesse Joyce
    Did some legit voice acting with an Irish accent.
  22. Jack Martin
    Executive Producer of @midnight! He got to read the chapter entitled "Moby Dick!"
  23. Craig Cackowski
    "Hey Craig! Remember me? I took your improv class! Anywho, wanna come over and read some Moby Dick?"
  24. Chelsea Davidson
    Writer for @midnight! She attempted a bunch of impressions. They were just ok.
  25. Joel Spence
    Y'all seen him do improv? He's good at it!
  26. Richie Fitzmillionare & Jake Sprague
    Honored to have Richie Fitzmillionare (who claimed that's her REAL name AND she's Helen Hunt's daughter) and Jake Sprague.
  27. 2:45 am: we all lost our minds.
    Demi kept crying from laughter every time he thought about chicken with a Twitter account.
  28. I miss Ify
    Ify (@ifysnotfumny) gave such a powerful performance that once he was done all we could do was talk about how much we missed him. For a moment we thought we could get #IfyAdventures to trend.
  29. Steven Hawking
    We convinced our Periscope audience that Steven Hawking was coming to read, and then felt kinda bad that we couldn't deliver...
  30. #YouMissedIt
    Around 4am is when bits got crazy in the Periscope chat, where everyone pitched celebrity guests they wanted to show up to read. Oh, wait, they did show up? Yeah, but you missed it.
  31. Toilet Paper Mummy Davey
    Sorry Davey! These things happen at 4am!
  32. Catie Daley
    6:am - Catie (@midnight production manager) wears a bear onesie and brings us breakfast sandwiches because she's the best.
  33. Jerry Cole
    Hollywood Center Studios' VP of marketing read for a FULL HOUR And then SANG US A SEA SHANTY! His pirate voice also became an instant favorite with the Periscope audience.
  34. Phoebe from Legal
    Fun fact: Phoebe is also the voice of "Audio Quiz" on @midnight
  35. Miel
    Doing a bunch of accents!
  36. Ben Cahn
    Gives great summaries directly after long sentences!
  37. Katie Mathewson & Marina Shifran
    Matching denim shirts + live drawings of the story = A groundbreaking Periscope
  38. Adam McCabe
    Gets immediate props for having already read Moby Dick TWICE in his life.
  39. Justin Michael
    Host of Batman: the Animated Podcast! Getting real sexy in a bathrobe.
  40. Brodie Reed
    Gave a reading that Periscope found to be "real chill."
  41. DONE!
    Started Thursday at 9am, ended Friday at 1:25 pm.