1. 20.
    Miniature Tigers with Geographer and Chain Gang of 1974 (Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL / Mar 2012)
    This was the first concert I saw after downloading Spotify, which has revolutionized how I enjoy live music. It may have been the genesis of my eventual move to the city. (Pic of me was from that night in a post show glow)
  2. 19.
    Jamie xx (Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL / Oct 2015)
    A perfect dance party.
  3. 18.
    Ben Folds Five (Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI / July 2000)
    The summer of 2000 was a very rough time in my life for me. However, I remember they played "The Last Polka" during this set and my face hurt after the show from smiling. (I hadn't had much reason to smile that year)
  4. 17.
    Do Make Say Think (Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL / Dec 2009)
    My friend Doug made a mistake. He wanted to buy tickets to see DMST the night prior at Schubas. It was the greatest mistake ever. This was the first concert at my favorite venue in Chicago.
  5. 16.
    Explosions in the Sky (Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL / June 2012)
    An absolute perfect marriage of sound and venue. A powerful performance that was personally enhanced by my at-the-time marathon viewing of Friday Night Lights.
  6. 15.
    Savages (Metro in Chicago, IL / Sep 2013)
    Even though this was an excellent show, Savages made the list 100% because of their closing song that evening. A song I've never heard before and will never forget. (YouTube search their song "Fuckers")
  7. 14.
    Fugazi with Promise Ring and Jets to Brazil (The Rave in Milwaukee, WI / Nov 1998)
    I knew none of these bands before the night, but was happy newly met friends asked me to go. Never underestimate the importance of having friends that can introduce you to new music.
  8. 13.
    The Roots (The Rave in Milwaukee, WI / 1998?)
    I was lucky to see The Roots a few times while going to school in Milwaukee. They were touring with Jill Scott supporting Things Fall Apart when I first saw them live. The band that opened my mind to an entire genre.
  9. 12.
    Ben Folds Five (Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL / Feb 1998)
    I took a chance based on a single song heard on the radio and the radio DJ saying "check these guys out live if you have a chance." My first case of falling in love with a sound after seeing it live.
  10. 11.
    Broken Social Scene (The Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL / Oct 2008)
    My first time seeing BSS. They played Shampoo Suicide and firmly entrenched themselves in my heart.
  11. 10.
    Kevin Drew (Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL / Nov 2014)
    This evening makes the List because of the overall fun of the entire night. A small band named Bully (that was yet to explode) opened and the Twitter teasing my friend Conor and I had with Drew for the week leading up to the show was mentioned on stage.
  12. 9.
    Foo Fighters (Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL /Oct 1997)
    I'm very lucky to have this as my answer to "what was your first concert?" This was the tour to support The Colour and the Shape.
  13. 8.
    Fuck Buttons (Subterranean in Chicago, IL / Oct 2013)
    A landmark night for yours truly. This night was 3 nights after my move to the City and occurred 3 blocks from my apartment. It is also the loudest show I've ever experienced (by an incredible margin).
  14. 7.
    Phoenix (Park West in Chicago, IL / June 2009)
    I've seen Phoenix 3 more times since this show and have wished they would've repeated this setlist every time. Also had the night nearly ruined by trying to talk to an attractive concert goer (haven't made that mistake again).
  15. 6.
    Jim James (Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, WI / April 2013)
    The first half of this show was the best 40 minute stretch of any concert I've ever seen. I've been searching online for a full recording of it ever since.
  16. 5.
    Delta Spirit (The Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL / Oct 2014)
    Front to back, top to bottom, soup to nuts amazing. Made me shuffle up my top 10 band rankings. The best show I saw in 2014.
  17. 4.
    04: U2 (United Center in Chicago, IL / June 2015)
    Would've made the List even if it didn't have the wonderful context of #UTU2TM. The amazing production and our proximity to it vaults it easily into the top 5.
  18. 3.
    Radiohead (Version Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, IN / Aug 2008)
    The first time hearing Radiohead live was an aural epiphany.
  19. 2.
    My Morning Jacket (Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, WI / June 2011)
    I've seen no band more than My Morning Jacket. And this show was the best of them all. Perfect setlist.
  20. 1.
    Cut Copy (Metro in Chicago, IL / August 2010)
    I literally danced out of my shoe at this Lollapalooza aftershow. It's also the last show before I instituted my "earplugs at all shows" policy.