Most Stressful Situations Ever

It's National Stress Awareness Day, so to help people cope, let's vent together about the most stressful situations we can imagine.
  1. Taking the SATs while trapped under ice.
  2. Waiting for a text back while getting dropped into a volcano.
  3. Diffusing a bomb with your mother in law watching.
  4. Taking suppressive fire from enemy combatants after you've run out of ammo and also Facebook is down
    Suggested by   @demi
  5. Realizing you just sent an email about a new job opportunity to your current boss.
    Suggested by   @binxymeehan
  6. Seeing a squirrel go into your bedroom but not come out.
    Suggested by   @heatherwoodward
  7. On a plane with explosive diarrhea & your seat is in the middle.
    Suggested by   @bunnyhugger75
  8. Trying to outrun rabid wolves with that one coworker whose name you never bothered to learn
    Suggested by   @davidkantrowitz
  9. accidentally tweeting "the weekend" instead of "the weeknd"
    Suggested by   @yoshina
  10. When someone says "my wife"' in conversation but your throat is too sore to do your flawless Borat impression
    Suggested by   @demi