Dear Cat, I'm sorry

I'm not a cat person, in fact I have joked about killing cats in the past but then this happened and showed me that deep down I have a heart
  1. I went to my mom's house to do laundry last night
    Driving up the hill every time I have to move a load isn't my favorite but it's helping since we spent a bunch of our savings to move and we aren't quite ready to buy a washer and dryer yet
  2. There was a gray cat hanging around outside
    I told it to go away
  3. I opened the garage door to take my laundry inside and the dang cat went right into the garage
  4. My parents are not cat people either and I knew they wouldn't want it in the garage
    Especially my dad, who is allergic to cats
  5. So I started chasing it around trying to catch the cat to take it out of the garage
  6. But cats are fast and slinky and I am the opposite, being 6+ months pregnant and waddle-y and generally unfit
    Also I couldn't get out of my head how stupid I looked chasing this cat
  7. Eventually I gave up and went inside and started my laundry. I called my mom to confess that I had let a cat into their garage and was too lumpy to catch it again
  8. She and my dad were at dinner with some friends and they were all greatly amused at my escapades. They instructed me not to let the cat into the house, to leave the garage open and they would catch it if it was still in there when they got home
  9. I can hear the cat meowing it's head off in the garage as I'm on the phone with my mom so I opened the door
  10. And the cat startles me by sticking its little head right in the little crack I'm trying to peek through to suss out the meowing
  11. So being startled and distracted because I'm still on the phone, I panic and shut the door in (and maybe a little bit on) the cat's face
  12. It was definitely scared and maybe slightly injured? I'm not sure, the cat ran away pretty quick
  13. So I finish up inside and drive home
  14. Where I break down and confess in detail to my husband that I hurt a cat while crying profusely
    Honestly though, at this point in my pregnancy, this isn't the first time I've cried to him about animals getting hurt. See also: roadkill
  15. Apparently I'm still trying to atone for my guilt because I had to tweet about it and write this List
    Listen, that cat is one of God's creatures, ok? And somebody's pet....
  16. I keep picturing that cat bleeding from its eyes somewhere, feeling rejected because I slammed the door in its face
    Although I might have seen it running around just fine while driving home. There is more than one cat roaming this neighborhood
  17. Maybe don't take me hunting, k?