Holy Frick, we need a bigger bed!!!!
  1. We rent a furnished room with a Full-sized bed
  2. Husband is 6'4" and sturdy
  3. I'm 5'8" and PREGNANT
    I'm super excitescared to be a mom but pretty much since the moment I got pregnant my skin has been very sensitive: itchy and uncomfortable. Plus, I'm not going to be getting smaller any time soon (still in my first trimester)
  4. And I love my husband SO MUCH
    But please, for the love of cheese and the sake of our marriage PLEASE STOP TOUCHING ME
  5. I'm having a very hard time sleeping anyway
    I can't seem to regulate my body temperature or circadian rhythm
  7. This room is not big enough to have a bigger bed in it
    I hate this room
  8. And I know we are saving money living here
  9. I can't sleep
  10. It's 2:30 am
  11. Husband is snoring so loud
    I can feel the vibrations in my chest. I'm wearing earplugs just like I do every night. (Side note: we really need to get him in for a sleep study)
  12. I'm thinking about laying on the floor
    But my hips get so sore. I remember my mom complaining about this phenomenon when I was a kid and I thought she was a wuss until I went through puberty and my hips spread and then I ate crow and had to camp with an air mattress
  13. Or if there was a frickin' full sized couch option in this house
    I'd be all over that
  14. We recently house-sat overnight and slept in a King-size bed
    Ahhh bliss
  15. I always thought King-sized beds were a bit excessive
    But then I married a 6'4" man and got knocked up
  16. I'd settle for a Queen-size
  17. Or just some sleep
  18. Update from 3:50 am:
    The floor is not that bad